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Soul Therapy is a healing and counseling I decided to do to help me with my inner anger; frustrations; and anxiety. These three actions have caused me to build up such a boiling rage deep inside that I literally will take someone out if they dare try to test me. Not by any weapons. I consider that to be for a scared punk ass. I’m talking physically with me bare hands. I am not claiming to be the strongest person on this earth but those three combinations can be a deadly weapon in itself if you allow it to control you and take over your being. I am all to experienced in this area. I believe this type of rage can cause a lot of damage to the mind where it can lead to break downs. I believe it can cause sicknesses in the body where your body can shut down. So today I take a stand for myself, to take care of myself. If I can’t and or won’t stand for myself nobody else will. When I cried out for help from certain love ones in my life the only person that stood beside me and went to bat for me is my best friend.

I am opening myself up to the world. I am no therapist but I hope to reach someone out there with my life experiences as well as learn from my readers.

So stay tune folks as we are in for a ride and a hell of a journey.



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One thought on “Soul Therapy

  1. Kittykat on said:

    Girl I feel you. Sometimes I get like that and realize that I got to take a breather before a hurt somebody which I don’t wanna do. Soul therapy is good for the mind and body.

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