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Love Isn’t Easy

Love is by far from being easy. Love isn’t always perfect. Love is overcoming obstacles; facing challenges; fighting to be together; holding on and never letting go. Love is work but it is well worth it.

I find love to be one of the toughest emotions to experience.  As with any emotion it has it’s ups and downs. Love can be a battlefield and it can be brutal; it can leave you very scarred, scarred to the point where it leaves you bitter and jaded making it harder to recover. I believe we go through the hurts and trying times of love so we can understand how to love better; how to hurt others less because we have experienced the pain it causes. Love is not meant to be abused. It is very hard out there in the world to find love that is real and unconditionally given. There have been times when love went away or manifested itself in a different way as circumstances changed. It had me question myself, was it love; was it an obsession for love?

Some people confuse control and jealousy for love. I am here to say love will never be controlling which can lead to intimidation. When love is real there is no need for neither person to dominant over one another. Love is like flying (No Boundaries) The only person that has the authority over you is YOU. Jealousy is just an emotion filled with negative thoughts; insecurity and envy. It is that little demon that whispers suspicion and rage. There might be a time when you will experience the emotion of jealousy but when love is real and sincere, you will be reassured with the honesty; trust and loyalty.

When love is right… oh Lord it can be beautiful. It gives the feeling of over whelming excitement. Love presents a burning passion deep within that some of us never knew we had. I believe love is an extension of our inner self. When we are able to love oneself properly it leads us to an abundance of love from another, meaning we have little tolerance to except any less. I believe when we love ourselves properly it gives us the ability to love another with the same intent. We can not give or support another with love if we are incapable of doing it for ourselves.

Everyone will not love the same but I believe when it is sincere it will lead us to the same destination. Regardless of the circumstances we have been through EVERYONE deserves love.

When you face a difficult time or a time of confusion. Stop; wait; recoup;  think and dig deep inside and find if there is something in that person worth giving YOUR love too. As my best friend once told never stop fighting for your love one.

I will end this entry on this note: Be careful of the diamond you let go of, you might just find yourself collecting rocks. When your love is real for one another, you can become one without losing your individuality.




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